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Ji Ning Laite Optical Launches New T5-LED Fluorescent Tube

2013/12/14      view:

Demand for the development of LED fluorescent tube very rapidly, but T5-LED fluorescent tube has been no breakthrough in the development of many LED lamp manufacturers, but also for the two problems with T5 fluorescent tubes, invested a great deal of manpower and resources to research and development.

These two problems are:

A: T5LED fluorescent tube diameter is too small, not the built-in power supply, so that installation is very inconvenient;

II: heat issues T5LED fluorescent, T5 tube diameter is too small, inadequate heat sink area, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

Through the cooperation of various departments Wright photoelectric finally overcome the above two problems, developed a new T5-LED fluorescent tubes, this LED lamp is fully compatible with conventional T5 fluorescent slot, use the full brackets for cooling the LED lights , and built a high-quality LED power supply. Multiple LED lamp series can be 100% compatible with the installation and use of ordinary T5 lamp.